Annual Report 2023

Leaning into Learning

The 2023 Annual Report highlights our dedication to ensuring that every child, regardless of circumstance, has access to high-quality education opportunities based on the best scientific knowledge.


Introducing the 2023 Annual Report

In 2023 we expanded our work in Colombia in support of national systemic change in education, launched new research initiatives to understand the causes and opportunities of childhood learning variability, and advanced our work to put evidence at the core of decision-making in policy and practice. This was accomplished in partnership with visionary researchers, educators, and policymakers dedicated to building a world in which every child can thrive.

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Impact insights from across our network

Our partners reflect on their motivations, inspirations, and enduring commitment to making quality education a reality for every child. Here, they share their perspectives on what they have achieved through our work together and provide insights into their hopes and aspirations for the future.

Aashti Zaidi, CEO and Founder of Global Schools Forum

“The SALEX network facilitates collection and uptake of evidence in schools”

Renaud Comba, Education Research Specialist at UNICEF Innocenti

“Collaboration for greater change and greater impact”

Candice Odgers, Associate Dean at the University of California, Irvine

“The Research Fellowship has allowed me to really stretch and work across disciplines”

Mike Frank, Professor of Human Biology, Stanford University

“Understanding the challenges of translating research into policy and practice”

2023 Highlights

Children work together on a laptop computer in a classroom

Swiss research consortium on digitization in education

The Swiss research consortium DEEP aims to promote equity in Swiss primary schools by making the most of digital education opportunities. Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich (PHZH) jointly coordinate DEEP to produce new evidence on digital learning and translate it into actionable policies and practices nationwide.

LEVANTE - The learning variability network exchange

New flagship research program on childhood variability

The Learning Variability Network Exchange (LEVANTE) seeks to understand how children grow, learn, and develop across different times, places, and contexts so that they can be supported to thrive in the multitude of experiences they will encounter throughout life. It brings together researchers from around the world to create the first cross-cultural, multidisciplinary open dataset aiming to capture the richness and diversity of child development and learning

A street scene in Colombia

National partnership to advance quality learning in Colombia

This new partnership, launched together with the Ministry of Education and Fundación Empresarios por la Educación (ExE), will advance quality education in Colombia by working at the national level, in support of evidence-based policies, and at the territorial level to ensure that teaching and learning practices are grounded in evidence.

Group photo of EdLabs participants standing on steps

EdLabs: a new frontier for evidence uptake in policy and practice

Hosted in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), the Global Convening on Education Evidence Labs brought together leaders from education ministries, EdLab units, research institutions, multilateral agencies, and funders.

The main aim was to discuss and overcome barriers in using evidence for education policy and practice, with a focus on the role of Evidence Labs (EdLabs).

A row of smiling kids playing on mobile phones

New community of funders aim to advance evidence-based impact in EdTech

The Education Foundations Investing in Research and Systems Transformation (EDFIRST) working group operates as a learning community, collaborating to increase the use of evidence in investment decisions and drive changes in practices and standards within EdTech companies.

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